Founded by in Montreal by Sam Benatar as a division of Sidev Reality, Gestion SIDEV offers integrated property management and investment services. Since 1980, Gestion Sidev’s portfolio of office and commercial space has grown to three million square feet and 20 million square feet of buildable land in Quebec. Recognized as an industry leader, Gestion SIDEV is an expert in real estate management.

Gestion Sidev sets itself apart by offering

  • An integrated vision of property management
  • Personalized operating reports
  • Outstanding service to tenants
  • Gestion SIDEV ’s team of real estate experts establishes and maintains solid relationships with local and worldwide partners. Our high occupancy and tenant-retention rates are due to the quality and professionalism of our team.

    Providing dedicated service and always listening to your needs.
    For years Gestion SIDEV has provided leading-edge expertise for building analysis, market studies, accounting, financial planning, leasing, management and development.

    Offering complete, integrated and personalized services that increase your property values and revenues.
    To guarantee competitive returns, our leasing strategy is based on a comprehensive understanding of your investment strategy.

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  • “We’re foreign-based investors so awarding a property management mandate presented a big challenge. But we’ve risen to it with SIDEV ’s help. When we entrusted our buildings to SIDEV we obtained the assurance of high-quality service at a competitive price. Gestion SIDEV has acted on opportunities to maximize the profitability and value of our properties. The results speak for themselves: our buildings have an average occupancy rate of 90%. Their exhaustive operating reports and proactive approach make them managers without equal. The project to revitalize with a change of vocation 400 Maisonneuve is the best example: a downtown building previously occupied by industrial tenants in the fur trade was completely modernized and redeveloped by the Gestion SIDEV team. Today its prestigious tenants include Le Groupe Spectra, Visa Desjardins and Omer Deserres. In 2006, the building was awarded the celebrated Prix du Patrimoine Commercial by the City of Montreal and Heritage Montreal. Gestion Sidev exceeded all our expectations on this project. Bravo, Sidev!”
    L. Bernasconi,
    Laris Fiduciaria SA., Suisse
    “After intense leasing negotiations, the SIDEV team led by Serge Hutchinson met our client’s expectations and quickly remedied practical problems. The client is satisfied with the building and premises. Excellent management effort!”
    Christian Guay,
    Real Estate Broker,
    Immobilière Nationale.
    “Having successfully completed several transactions with SIDEV , I want to acknowledge the high level of integrity and professionalism demonstrated by your organization. I would not hesitate to recommend SIDEV to anyone seeking property management development expertise and look forward to working with SIDEV on other projects.”
    Pierre Léonard,
    Director, Mortgage & Advisory Services,
    “SIDEV exhibits a refreshing sense of flexibility in negotiating a leasing deal. Most appreciated in today’s difficult times.”
    Nantel Brisset,
    Associate Vice President, Office Leasing,
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  • Our management teams work closely with project management and property operations personnel to lower your costs, raise your revenues and optimize your property values.

    We perform a thorough analysis of your property and provide you with a status report complete with recommendations that will enable you to reach your performance goals.

    Upon assuming responsibility for a building, our multidisciplinary team does a complete building analysis. Our analysis covers the following

    • Full review of leases
    • Review of all service and procurement contracts
    • Analysis of insurance policies
    • Evaluation of financial history
    • Inspection of the building’s electromechanical components
    • Evaluation of the building envelope
    • Analysis of environmental risks
    • Analysis of health and safety risks and procedures
    • Analysis of compliance with municipal, provincial and federal standards
    • Evaluation of the building envelope
    • Analysis of environmental risks
    • Analysis of health and safety risks and procedures
    • Analysis of compliance with municipal, provincial and federal standards

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  • In addition, our network of real estate brokers can further your investments goals.

    To make sure your tenants are satisfied, we create synergies within some of our buildings in order to group tenants according to their core activities. As part of our strategy, we ensure regular visits and dedicated service-call follow-ups for our tenants.

    Gestion Sidev services include

    • Regular transmission of vacancy lists
    • Participation and organization of public relations events
    • Proactive internal solicitation team to attract new tenants
    • Thorough analysis of competitors’ offices
    • Negotiation with existing tenants prior to their lease renewals
    • Site maintenance according to uniform and high quality standards
    • Regular surveys to measure the satisfaction rate of tenants

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  • By listening to our tenants and having the building manager as the point of contact, we offer outstanding service, which has resulted in high occupancy and tenant retention rates.

    Our tenant services include

    • Immediate access to the on-site building manager
    • Emergency service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Recording and tracking of all service requests until completion
    • Optimum security
    • Experienced maintenance staff
    “In addition to providing us space for administrative offices, SIDEV has supported us over the past three years by co-operating closely on management of the space for our production offices. In ways that are downright ingenious, SIDEV has met our often-unusual needs with a spirit of co-operation and flexibility that goes far beyond what you expect of a simple building manager.”
    Danielle Demers
    Vice-President, IT and Work Environment
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  • Depending on your needs, Gestion Sidev can fulfill the following mandates


    • Leasing and development of space
    • Lease administration
    • Rent collection
    • Insurance policy management
    • Human resource and salary management


    • Production of operating reports
    • Production of monthly financial statements
    • Monitoring and collection of common expenses
    • Payment of suppliers and service contracts
    • Preparation of audit files
    • Development of budget forecasts
    • Keeping of accounting books and registers


    • Periodic building visits: inspections to check maintenance of premises
    • Supervision of major construction and repair project
    • Supervised leasehold improvements
    • Recognized suppliers and subcontractors
    • Negotiation of service contracts and preventive maintenance programs

    For more information, please call us at 514.874.0808 or email us at info@sidev.com.
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  • This comprehensive report provides you with regular, concise, accurate and complete information on the operations of your real estate assets. The Sidev Property Manager provides access to our detailed and extensive database, so we can quickly respond to your requests with regular or one-off reports. Reports are formatted to your needs and allow you to monitor your assets on a daily basis.

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